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regarding the transfer of development rights. >> president chiu. >> thank you. colleagues, this amends transfer of development rights otherwise known as tdrs in the downtown commercial c. zone the district and other areas. it will create more broader transparent sale for development rights between historic properties and developers. if we're able to achieve this goal, it will help with the preservation of historic buildings as well as facilitate dense development where it is already permitted and i want to thank the land use for their consideration of this legislation and ask for your support. >> colleagues, any comments or questions? can we also take this same house same call? same house same call, this ordinance passes on first read. [gavel] >> colleagues, why don't we skip over the 2:30 and 3 o'clock special orders. although we do have a couple 2:30 special orders we'll get to at the appropriate time. if we could now go to roll call for introductions. >> supervisor yee. you are first on roll call for introductions.
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>> i just want to make a brief comment. we're in, as you see my orange tie, just to commemorate our world series win and our opening day game win on friday. and as you know, we have a celebrity amongst us who was able to throw out the opening pitch. and i have to ask the question, supervisor farrell. i was sitting so far back in the bleachers that i couldn't tell if that was a wild pitch or a fast ball. [laughter] >> you're going to have to let us know. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. >> thank you. today i'm introducing a resolution that will enable the northern california presbyterian homes and services nonprofits to retrofit and
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dramaticallyimprove 182-unit affordable housing development in the western addition. it's located at 12 80 laguna street, the western park apartments offers affordable housing, medical screening, recreational activities and a sense of community for hundreds of low-income seniors. the development has 182 units spread among three cottage buildings and a 13-story tower. it was built in 1972 under the redevelopment agency and hud. the complex is in dire need of rehabilitation. this rehabilitation will offer new windows, electrical upgrades, a new sewer system, new roof, a fire sprinkler system, and a new kitchen, flooring, doors, paints and unit. i'm really excited about that and i want to thank the mayor's office of housing and northern california presbyterian homes and services for working together on this vital project. and the other thing i have today is an in memoriam,
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dominique ferris crawford. dominique was part of the fillmore community, true son of the western addition. he grew up on webster street between hayes and grove and later moved to turk street between scott and divisadero. this passionate young man loved his community. he's the brother of [speaker not understood] crawford who is extremely active in the community as well as kim caldwell and son of margaret cressie. no matter where he would travel or live, dominique always felt fillmore was his home. beyond being such a tragic loss, dominique's passing brings to light the desperate need for mental health services in the african-american community. we can no longer allow mental illness to be overlooked, not just in the african-american community, but in the city in general. in this moment of trial and need, my heart is with the crawford family. and as all the hearts of the
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fillmore community. we have suffered a tremendous loss and so today i'm asking for the meeting to be adjourned in honor of mr. dominique ferris crawford. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor breed. supervisor campos. >> thank you very much, madam clerk. i just want to make a point. at the last meeting of this board, i talked a little bit about how this past wednesday we were meeting with the residents of the three different developments, the part of the housing authority. and we had that meeting on wednesday of last week. and as i noted during the introductions at the board meeting, you know, the question that i asked myself was how do we ask these residents to make the sacrifices that we clearly are asking them to make, sacrifices that include a substantial cut in services that they receive, basic
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services like garbage, including services like security which are really critical to the well-being of these residents. and it is a very painful meeting and i want to thank the chair of the housing authority commission, torres, as well as the interim and acting head of the housing authority, barbara smith, for being there. because i know that it meant a lot to these residents for them to be there and to hear what they had to say. [speaker not understood]. but one thing that was clear as we were hearing the presentation from the housing authority ~ is that the more you hear about what's happening at the housing authority, the more dire the situation becomes. and we are truly seeing an agency that is facing a crisis. examine in light of that crisis, i do think that if we're going to ask residents to make sacrifices, that the agency needs to act responsively and make sure that every single penny that the agency has is going for the purpose of actually benefiting those residents. ~ and efficient and i'm glad to see that on today's agenda at
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the housing authority commission there is an item that deals with the very important question of what happens to the current official head of that agency who has been getting paid for quite sometime and who is about to vest, and therefore, increasing the liability of that agency. i'm glad to see that that item is finally being dealt with. let's hope that the right thing is done. but clearly we need to start thinking more about what's happening with the housing authority in ways in which the city can support that agency because at the end of the day, if we don't act quickly, services, the well-being of those residents will be negatively impacted. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. >> thank you, colleague. i have a couple of items today. first of all i'm introducing a hearing request on a topic that we have discussed a number of times at coyth that we have not yet discussed here at the board. at this time there are at least
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four different current mobile radio systems and three related new radio projects that are in the works. a total $2 62 million over the next five years. the three radio projects are ~ an 800 megahertz safety radio network, the sfmta radio replacement project and the so-called bay web project some of you may remember the controversy around as we and other counties had considered these projects in recent years. given the amount of the price tag for these three projects of over a quarter billion dollars, and the fact that these technologies are overlapping and ever changing, i'd like to call for a hearing at the budget committee so that we can start to understand the implications of the decisions we're making today on these projects for form. i appreciate supervisor farrell's co-sponsorship of this request and understand that we're likely to have this hearing to coincide with the hearing that he has called for at the budget committee regarding public safety technologies more generally in the next few weeks. i also am sending a letter to mr. harvey rose to ask his shop
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to update an audit the budget analyst did some six years ago on the topic of work force, work force development. we all know our city's unemployment rate has been an encouraging indicator of our knowledge base and technology driven economy. but we've all witnessed the reality of a growing gap between the skill sets and the jobs of many residents in our city. and this has been particularly profound for san franciscans who because of challenges in educational or literacy opportunities live in an english proficiency, disabilities or their status as an ex offender, folks have not been able to get jobs in the economy that we have in san francisco. ~ in our city, we have as i think you all know, a very significant network of federal, state, and locally funded work force development programs. and, in fact, the last time the budget analyst did an audit, these programs were estimated to cost close to $30 million. in 2006-2007, the then board of supervisors working with the mayor authorized the creation under the office of -- the
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creation of the office of work force development which was supposed to serve as the local oversight and policy making body for this vast network. in recent months, i think a number of us have heard from community and work force stakeholders that the current work force system continues to be too fragmented. at this time there are over 15 departments that have work force development program system sorts. authority for these programs remain entirely within their departments. there is very little coordination and no performance standard outcomes across many departments. at this point i'm asking the budget analyst to update their audit from six years ago and in particular to let us know what the implementation status is of the recommendations that were made in 2007. my last item is an in memoriam for mabel sue. some of you know her daughter julie sue who is the president of the commission on the status of women. mabel was a third generation san franciscan who was an active octogenerian.
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she had four children. he she was a dedicated california state public servant for over a decade before raising and taking care of her family. among a lot of facts about her that i think are interesting and memorable is one that she was a champion of wii fit and checked in half of her chronological age which probably beats a lot of us at the board w. that, may she rest in peace and we wish her family all the best and the rest of mine my items i will submit. >> thank you, mr. president. supervisor cohen. >> thank you, madam clerk. i, too, had prepared an in memoriam for ms. mabel sue. i ask that you also put my name on the letter for that commission. i have another in memoriam recognizing the life and contributions of a ms. catherine campbell. she was actually borne in south carolina to dr. kass ton and louise butler lynch. she was the first of two children.
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~ she attend public schools where she excelled in science, music and technology. she graduated from center high school, enrolled into fiske university which is in nashville, tennessee where she majored in zoology and minored in chemistry. she met and married alphonso campbell, her husband, for 58 years. catherine was a beautiful woman. i knew her personally. she loved sports, especially the 49ers and the giants. she loved music and all of its various genres, particularly spirituals, gospel, jazz, classical and soul. she was an excellent cook and seamstress. she was a faithful member of third baptist shuck and active member of sigma delta theta. she is preceded by her parents, catherine senior and louise lynch. survived by her husband of 58 years, al. her daughters, [speaker not
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understood], cathy, viola and rita as well as sons alphonso, jr., and kenneth. she has a brother named kass tin lynch of st. petersburg, florida. also surviving are they are 13 grandchildren, great grandchildren and nieces and nephews. the rest i submit. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor cohen. supervisor kim. >> thank you. today i am formally introducing an alternate c-e-q-a reform legislation that we have now much talked about here at land use committee yesterday. the original legislation which i introduced on march 12 was a draft legislation that was originally submitted to us by a coalition of neighborhood association and some members of labor as well. this came to us after several months of discussion that had been ongoing based on a legislation that supervisor wiener introduced back in
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december. the kind of controversial aspect of see i can't, there are perspectives in terms of what would be the best way to reform it. everyone in the room agrees that reform must happen. the improvements are indeed necessary. the existing process is neither transparent nor predictable and limited project notices continue to sub surprise san francisco residents who learn about projects months after it's been approved. an open-ended appeal window also continues to expose developers to its unpredictable level of risk. over the past decade, [speaker not understood] handful of supervisors attempted to reform san francisco's c-e-q-a process without success including former supervisors peskin, ma, and alioto-pier. again, i think our board is engaging in that process in terms of what the best way that reform looks. so, today i am formally introducing, after spending the ma last month working with the city attorney's office, and willing with planning, on a different perspective in terms
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of how that reform can happen. i'm proud to introduce that legislation today with supervisors campos, avalos, and mar, and hope to have more co-sponsors by the end of the week. the first focus of this legislation is clear posting and stronger notification requirements. if we are going to set deadlines on the back end that curtail when appeals are no longer eligible, then we also need a lot more work on the front end. currently most of our projects are not noticed. and in supervisor wiener's proposal, 85% of projects will continue to not be noticed. our proposal proposes to strengthen notification requirements for potentially historic projects and projects that tend to escalate. also specific requirements for online only postings that would make c-e-q-a determinations searchable to the general public. second, we do focus onseting an appeal window that is
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consistent and easy to understand. this is debate that we heard a little bit about yesterday whether it should be the first or the last approval, and i think there are both benefits and weaknesses to both, but we feel that the last approval provides a little bit more consistency and also more predictability for the general public. it allows the general public to not have to closely monitor the permitting process. it allows the slightly longer appeal window, although keeps the 30 days and proposes supervisor wiener's allege, and also ends on the same day and therefore doesn't cause project delays. and we believe in the end both legislations will increase predictability of the development process. our legislation also leaves section 31.16 intact without deleting it. this is the part of the code which dictates how we hear environmental impact reviews. these are the more large and complex projects like the
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transit district plan, like treasure island, like cpmc and how we hear those legislation and because we have heard that and clear from members of the community this is a process they'd like to keep intact, we have not deleted that provision. we do want to thank a coalition of groups that worked with us on and brought this legislation before us and helped to work with us over the last month to craft it. and want to recognize in particular the neighborhood coalition, local 2, cr club, u.c. hastings and susan bratctionvv holloway who is an attorney that works a lot on c-e-q-a throughout the state that gave us a lot of advice. and particular thanks to elaine warren, our city attorney at our office for working so diligently on our legislation as i know that she is working diligently on supervisor wiener and other land use legislation here for the city. so, we appreciate her ability to get this to us in timely manner so we can look at both legislations side by side. i really look forward to the
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discussion and the debate as we move forward. i think that there are two distinct perspectives on how reform should happen. but i think the message that reform must happen is clear on every single one, and the rest i submit. >> thank you very much. supervisor kim. supervisor mar. ~ >> thank you. colleagues, as you may know, i sit as a member of the association of bay area government or abag, along with a number of other from san francisco. and i wanted to announce an important open house and public hearing on a statewide effort that is part of the sustainable community strategies that we're building regionally throughout the state. this open house will focus on our regional plan bay area that will help hopefully create a more sustainable san francisco and bay area which links jobs, housing, and transportation and more healthy community development as well. so, as a member of abag, i wanted to invite everyone to the open house and public hearings.
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it's done in conjunction with the mpc, the transportation regional agency and it's on thursdayap

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